Rhode Island – Integrity

Will you still love me in famine? As when love began at the harvest. Or would you gain the whole world Son, I loved you at your darkest What good is the whole world When I promise no tomorrow I only promise your tomorrows Will never take you past my palm ~ Wake Dead Man […]

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Boston – Unity in Diversity

One of the meta-narratives that I follow through Scripture is the message of unity. When reading Scripture, God is constant in His pursuit of a bride that is spotless and blameless, one that is whole. The theme of unity filters through every aspect of Scripture, from the belief that it is a unified message of […]

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Mississippi – Matt Magee

Our dear friend Matt Magee welcomed us into his life with nothing but a nudge from the Holy Spirit. Little did Matt know, he would become the open door we all walked through that week. His obedience changed our lives more than he will ever know. OPEN DOOR MOVEMENT COMES TO MISSISSIPPI!

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