Mississippi – Matt Magee

Our dear friend Matt Magee welcomed us into his life with nothing but a nudge from the Holy Spirit. Little did Matt know, he would become the open door we all walked through that week. His obedience changed our lives more than he will ever know.



Jess, Josh, and Derek of the Open Door Movement came to Mississippi in May and forever changed lives here! I would like to share the story. Last year I was walking with the Lord in the cool of the day. Actually, it was over 90 degrees F and I felt like I was in the Great Tribulation, but I digress. I received a phone call from a friend from Louisiana, and she told me about these traveling missionaries and before she could actually ask me I heard the Lord say GREEN LIGHT! I was so excited to host them in my home for them to bless my state! So I said, “Please let them stay with me!” I was given the prophetic word from someone praying for me in January about 2018 being the year of the OPEN DOOR, and when I found out the name of this ministry, the Open Door Movement, I could tell God was orchestrating a beautiful work He was about to release in our lives here in Mississippi.

Once they arrived, it became evident to us that God had indeed opened many doors of favor with notable businessmen, church leaders, schools, and countless people just passing by to release Jesus in all of His sweetness, in all of His healing power, and in His fullness.

They ministered in coffee shops, homeless ministries, downtown ministries, high schools, museums, restaurants, Sunday school classes, church services, individual homes, retail stores, outside, inside, on the phone, on Skype, and each case was miraculous and wonderful!


Literally, the entire time was filled with Jesus moments, which ruins you for anything less than His pervasive reality pressing into our natural, to where we only live and breathe His supernatural.

What caught my attention so much was that their boldness to just “Go” was absolutely infectious!

There wasn’t a moment that wasn’t pregnant with the possibility anything could happen. In other words, they brought to life what was already reality!

The prophetic sometimes is nothing more than Divine Coincidence. For example, upon touring Mississippi’s brand new civil rights museum, we were blessed to watch the movie of Medgar Evers with Medgar Evers’ family! It was just us and them!

Where some may be part-time Christians, it was refreshing to see full time Christians. By that, I mean those that truly, in all their ways, acknowledge Jesus. The favor that we had going anywhere was evident. Myself and everyone they met were pulled deeper into relationship with the One we love and call Lord!

I firmly believe this story isn’t over, not for me, not for Jess, Josh, or Derek, and not for Mississippi!

// Matt Magee



One thought on “Mississippi – Matt Magee

  1. I am loving you see you guys on here. I keep up with you here on Facebook and it’s a blessing to me and I SHARE every time. Thank you DEARLY. PraPrayers are with you. Susan.


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