The Nebraska Girl

When we arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska, we were not sure what to expect. There was no ministry contact or friend hosting us. With no agenda in mind, Derek decided to spend the afternoon at The Bay Skate Park to connect with a Christian skate group. They gave us a tour of the building and described to us their mission to empower locals and show them the love of Jesus. After getting a tour of the facility, they recommended a pizza place to us. It was at this pizza restaurant that God revealed to us why we were in Lincoln. Looking back, it is amazing to see how God used Derek’s desire to connect with The Bay crew, leading us to a pizza restaurant in downtown Lincoln: which in turn, led us to Maggie.

As soon as I laid eyes on Maggie I felt an overwhelming sense of compassion and love: love and compassion that can only come from God. Instantly, I knew God had something important to tell her. He wanted His daughter to know how valued she was and to speak life into her. Maggie was overcome by the overwhelming love of God, which prompted her to share her story. She detailed her life growing up Catholic and always loving Jesus; and about the path that led her away from her faith. Through a series of events, she wound up in prison and had only recently been released before we met her. At that moment, what she needed most was to be told she was loved and that she mattered. Despite her circumstance, God has a bigger plan for her and wanted nothing more than to begin forming a relationship with Maggie.

As we talked, she informed me she had pain in her head and jaw. Immediately, Jesus healed her head and reduced the pain in her jaw. Most importantly, God began to heal Maggie in more ways than physical. She said, “It is more than just physical, it is emotional and spiritual,” and she felt a deep peace within herself. Eyes alight with joy, Maggie felt the love of God. She came to the restaurant looking for a pizza and encountered the limitless grace and compassion of the risen King. In every day life, God is calling us to listen to His voice and act as part of His redeeming love. Welcome the interruptions, because in them a greater purpose is being fulfilled.

// Jess



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