Virginia – Grandma Elizabeth

At the beginning of the year, I received a message from Derek who was a friend from my World Race. Derek wanted to let me know that The Open Door Movement would be coming through Virginia Beach in May, and asked if I’d be willing to host them. With the chance to see three of my brothers from my Race, my answer was obviously, “Heck yeah!” I was honored that they felt called to serve here and reached out to me. Having not seen these guys since we came home from the Race about two and a half years ago, I was selfishly excited to see and catch up with them.

Alicia and dudes

As the month of May started to approach, I started to think: “What in the world are they going to do while here?” I had been trying to keep up with their mission throughout the USA, reading stories of amazing ways God had worked through them. I started to worry about what I would have them do. I wasn’t sure if they had plans for VA Beach already, but I knew that I didn’t have any sort of grand conference, event, or anything of that nature to have them speak at. Would their time here be a waste? Just a random stop during the Open Door Movement that had nothing significant come from it?

I had been thinking through some things that I thought they could maybe do while they were here, such as coming to my church Community Group, and one other idea in particular I was slightly nervous to ask them about. My Aunt and her family would be moving the same time that they would be here, and I knew that they needed help. Since three wondrously strong guys were going to be here, I wanted to volunteer them to help her move. Was this going to be enough of a ministry opportunity for them? I spoke with Jess on the phone before they came and I finally asked: “Would ya’ll be willing to help my Aunt move while you’re here?” His answer was an instant “You better believe it, shawty! We would love to!”

Why do we think this way? That a simple task such as helping a family member move is not a part of God’s plan in advancing his Kingdom? They selflessly did what needed to be done by moving furniture around and helping my Uncle unload a U-haul truck in record time.. And one particularly sweet aspect from this ministry was in how they touched the life and left a Godly impression on Grandma, my Aunt’s mother-in-law. She loved telling them where to move furniture around, and loved that their purpose on this trip was to help people. It was inspiring and encouraging to see them pray with Grandma before we left the house that day. Grandma asked me the other week if I still talk to those boys, and I said I did. She told me to let them know that she still thinks about them everyday! So Derek, Jess, and Josh, your Grandma Elizabeth from Virginia Beach loves you and still thinks about you!

Alicia and dudes 2

Having the guys here was a good reminder that helping others and praying for them is just as important as any other form of ministry. It glorifies God and still serves as a way to advance the Kingdom. I was thankful for the time I had with my boys while they were here! I was encouraged by them, and will continue to pray for them as they serve God throughout the rest of the country!


One thought on “Virginia – Grandma Elizabeth

  1. They were such a blessing to our family, and we appreciate everything they did! Praise The Lord for Godly men wanting to use their gifts to spread the love of Christ! Alicia, thank you for your willingness to ask them if they would help us! 😊


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