Florida – Cam

Here is the story of our time spent in Jacksonville, Florida told by our brother, Cam:

“To start from the very beginning, I should probably include how I got into contact with these wonderful fellows. I just so happened to meet two of Derek’s friends from G42 in Spain, Carlene and Justin, at the Wild Love Conference. We get to talking with them about how we’re a part of planting a church in Jacksonville Beach area and about our mission here. They explain to me how a friend of theirs (Derek, Josh, & Jess) is going around the United States being Jesus to people. So I excitedly pull out my phone and gain his contact info.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, while having a conversation with Derek over the phone, Holy Spirit starts to break down my walls. The thought of allowing three complete strangers to stay in my house with my wife and I seemed weird, but so exciting at the same time. The day Derek, Josh, and Jess pulled up to the house, it was like seeing long lost friends. Over the next week, we were able to connect, learn, and grow from these guys. It wasn’t just the awesome stories of healing or words of knowledge we would get for those around us, but the gentleness and love these guys showed that really gave me a new perspective. These guys reminded me what normal Christianity looks like, just listening, waiting, and making an opportunity to show people how much God loves them. Now I strive to love more and make more out of my conversations with people.

We are missionaries sent to Jacksonville, and it hit me differently that week. Every day was a different adventure. From serving the needy with local churches or walking the beaches and laying hands on folks, loving people was the mission. They never changed, but lived with the perspective of lifestyle Christianity and not just ministry. Simply, love. All the things that Holy Spirit does through us is awesome, but they seem incomparable to the truth that we can be one with Him and know Jesus. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Knowing Him and being known by Him?”

// Cam Fender



One thought on “Florida – Cam

  1. Open door ministries was the name of our first coffee houses in Michigan and Georgia, my nephew Cam grew up in a coffee house ministry, and was called by God early in his young life. It’s exciting, I’m 76 years old, but was a 25 year old hippie when I came to the Lord, and to see all you guys who look just like the young guys who loved God and worked in the first Christian coffee house with me, is wonderful to see. The Lord says ” work while it is yet Day, for the night comes when no man can work,” so good to see you young men serving the Lord, and being ambassadors of the Kingdom. ✝️🙏🏻

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